Watch: Mlindo The Vocalist reveals hand on plaster cast after accident



Mlindo The Vocalist updated fans on his wellness after experiencing a back to back car accident he survived within a month.

The second accident was said to be more serious than the first one, as it further got him injured emotionally.

Mlindo shared a video of himself on Instagram, which reveals he has a plaster cast on his hand.

However, his manager, Nyiko Bilankulu told TshisaLIVE that the singer is trying to be okay, but he’s also in the studio working on his upcoming album.

“At the moment he’s OK. Obviously he is trying to be OK on all aspects. He’s also in studio making music for the upcoming album and he’s decided to take this opportunity to partner with willing organisations to educate the youth about road safety.

“Young people often underestimate, for example, the importance of the seat belt. Imagine if Mlindo had not worn a seat belt, we may have been talking something different. That thing saved his life. So he wants to get that message across to as many people as he can,” Nyiko said.

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