Sarah Langa schools troll who body-shamed her, “fat arm”



Sarah Langa didn’t take the chill pill against a followers who body shamed her, saying she has a “fat arm”.

The style influencer shared a snap of herself in bikini on Instagram and the follower slammed the snap, saying she forgot to edit her arm.

“Cute BUT YOU FORGOT TO EDIT YOUR ARM……. looks photoshopped sorry.
Skinny body with fat arms ????,” the troll said.

Sarah found it offensive and schooled the follower’s manners which later turned to a conversation between the duo.

Here are Sarah’s comments:

“I do boxing so my arms are growing and bigger than normal. Now that that is clear, go fuck yourself!”

“I’m not upset cos I serve sugar on the gram and in real life, don’t blame you for not knowing that cos I don’t bump into people like you in my world, im upset cos you body shaming! FAT ARMS?!? Get out of here! Who still talks like that?” The influencer said.

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