Qwabe twins’ manager speaks on their appearances with DJ Tira



Former idol contestants, the Qwabe twins have recently made appearances with DJ Tira and their manager cleared the air on the trio’s positions.

The twins are currently contracted to Think Entertainment for all appearances and bookings, and Gallo Records for all recordings.

Speaking to TshishaLIVE, the twins’ manager, Kim Coppen said:

“We are very aware there are social media posts showing them with DJ Tira, but to our knowledge they are not recording with him at the moment. We have been in contact with them and they have not indicated they would like to be removed from their management contract.”

“We are very realistic about the expectations of the artists and how they want to run their careers after the competition. Our main focus is to make sure that during the time spent under our management, they are getting a realistic idea of what the music industry is like and they are protected.”

Gallo Record’s Rob Cowling also said in a statement that: “We have contacted DJ Tira outlining our position that the twins are already signed and that Gallo would be open to having a discussion with them on the way forward. We have not yet had a response. The twins have also not been in touch with Gallo to discuss this or for further clarity about the recording contracts they have already signed.”

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