Mum slammed for fixing her baby’s nails with extra long artificial ones



A mum has been slammed for giving her baby a manicure.

The mother applied artificial nails onto her baby’s tender nails. The middle finger was painted with a Louis Vuitton logo while glitter and gemstones can be seen on the others.

As soon as the photo of the baby’s nails was posted online, commenters expressed worry for the child and criticized the mother.

One commenter said: “I’m concerned this baby will poke her eye out.”

Another wrote: “This is how your child gets hurt. Has this person never been around an infant before? They poke and prod every hole and orifice on their body.”

Despite the backlash, some defended the mum and argued the manicure was just a bit of fun and would be taken out immediately.

One person commented: “They’re temporary press on nails, probably just for a silly pic if mum does nails.”

Another wrote: “I bet the kid wanted those nails! If I was a little kid I would have. And since they’re press on the glue is not going to destroy their nails.”

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