Mr Macaroni Reveals Kidnappers’ New Trick As His Friend’s Mum Escapes Abduction



Comedian Mr Macaroni has said that his friend’s mum was almost kidnapped on December 2.

The 28-year-old made this statement in a tweet while lamenting the government’s lack to secure lives and properties.

On Thursday he advised his followers to be safe and be vigilant.

Whether traveling or not traveling, wherever you are, just be safe!!! The country Nawa!!!

If Government can’t perform their duty of securing lives and properties, we must be vigilant!!! They almost kidnapped my friend’s Mum yesterday!!!

If you are traveling, pls be safe. The security in the country right now is shameful.
Kidnappers are using a new trick!! They hit your car from behind or suddenly step on the brake if they are in front and they wait for you to come down from your car. Don’t come down ooo!! ���

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