“May Allah protect us from jealousy and the evil eye” – Woman overjoyed at husband marrying second wife



A Muslim woman has expressed her happiness and excitement after her husband married a second wife.

Safa, who is based in New Jersey, took to Twitter on Saturday, December 19, to share the good news, praying for Allah’s protection for her family.

“I have a co-wife y’all!!!!! I’m more excited than my husband May Allah grant us tawfiq and protect us from jealousy and the evil eye. Ameeen” she wrote.

She was showered with congratulatory messages, with many praising her for being accepting of her new co-wife.

The tweet also elicited some criticisms. A Nigerian Twitter user Vivian Akinosoye said that the life of the woman’s children can never be the same after the second marriage.

Safa responded, saying “Our children are just fine. This is the way their Lord decreed for it to happen. May Allah guide you. Ameen

To the man who said that polygamy is a criminal offence in America, Safa told him to respectfully go to hell.

“By wanting for your sister what you would want for yourself. By taking pride in sisterhood and unity. By placing my Trust in Allah (Subhanahu wa ta a’la.” she added.

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