“I’m The Most Supportive Rapper in Africa” – MI Abaga



Nigerian bar dropper and dope rapper, MI Abaga has informed all that he is the most supportive rapper in Africa. This was prompted after his controversial track “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives” which is certainly riling people up, firing them up to be better rappers but then again, some are questioning MI’s audacity to put out such a song.

While the majority of people that have listened to this track believes it is one of the best track of MI, reminding them why they love him in the first place, some young artiste have used this opportunity to shine and hopefully rise with the likes of Blaqbonez, Payper Corleone and more who used the same beat to respond to this track.

According to Payper in his Top 5 Dead or Alive, he stated that MI is part of the problem he is identifying as he doesn’t support rappers as he should. MI’s response to messages like Payper’s is;


Blaqbonez, on the other hand, supports MI that rappers should fix up their lives as they “sound like bitch on the mic” and this job “no be fine boy all the time”.

Blaqbonez dropped bars left to right and center recounting his struggles in the industry, making it known that he is fixing up his life as a rapper but the industry can be a little bit difficult for some like him.

They both dropped bars in their tracks and these are just two out of the many gold MI’s “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives” has mined in the past two days of its release and we are hoping to hear more.

But what do you guys think though? Is MI the most supportive rapper in the history of African hip-hop?

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