Don Jazzy Supports Young Nigerian Artist, Buys His Work For N300k (Photos)



A young Nigerian artist, Fredrick Omoniyi, now has every reason to celebrate after Music Boss Don Jazzy bought his artwork for N300,000.

The man had earlier hoped to sell his pencil drawing on his birthday many weeks ago.

In a Twitter post, he lamented not being able to sell the piece as he tagged Don Jazzy to it, asking if he would buy it.

“The thought that I would have sold this art since the day I launched it is very depressing �. @DONJAZZY Will you buy my art pls?�,” he wrote.

Hours after, the music producer slid into his DM and asked how much. When Fredrick said N200,000, Don Jazzy added another N100,000 and paid.

In total disbelief at how his life just changed, the man shared a screenshot of their conversation on his timeline as he thanked Don Jazzy for the help.

He wrote; “Guyyyyys Loudly crying face Loudly crying face This just happened!! Thanks @DONJAZZY Don’t know how to act right now fr!!”.

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