AKA – “Music bores me a bit”



SA rapper, AKA might go from making music to being a businessman, as he spills out reason for his album delay which boils down to the fact that music bores him a bit.

The more money he gets from his other business, Cruz, the less energy he’s got to make music.

Responding to a fan curious about his next album release, Supa Mega said;

“To tell the truth … I’m making a lot of dough selling alcohol so uhm …. yah maybe later this year, who knows. I’m chillin’.”

Afterwards, AKA was honest with his stand on making music, as he reveals that he needs to discover an excitement to do music again.

“Yah honestly …. music bores me a bit hey. Need to rediscover some sort of excitement for it again. I’d rather be like … doing sick reviews on Zomato and getting paid for it,” he tweeted.

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