Actresses Need To Borrow Wisdom From Chioma, Bleaching Does Not Keep A Man



Controversial Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu has advised actresses to contact Chioma for wisdom because bleaching does not keep a man.

Speaking in an Instagram post on Friday, he further stated that Nollywood has now become the headquarter of bleaching cream in Africa.

He wrote:

Bleaching does not keep a man, some actresses need to borrow wisdom from Chioma… ????????#Nollywood is now the headquater of bleaching cream in #Africa, the #YorubaMovie industry is worse, ????if you watch a dark skinned #actress in a movie today, you will watch the same #movie in less than 2 weeks without recognizing that particular actress again, shout out to all the popular actresses trying to compete with the gods in brightness. ????Truth is, some actresses #bleach just to attract rich men, ????but they forgot that these billionaire men know that not all that glitter is gold, so they end up using these actresses like #Apc broom during the dry season to clean their system, ????but immediately the rainy season comes, they dump them like #Ghana must go bag and pick up another lady to use like #PDP umbrella. ✈️Chioma is able to keep a billionaire #music legend like @davidoofficial because she has a good character, ????that is what keeps a man, not the amount of bleaching you decorate your #body with like the #risky mumu pikin who did audio face surgery in #Dubai ✈️to look like overnight girl but still resemble village deity.”

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