A MUST READ!! My Marathon S*x With Chioma In The Bathroom (Warning 18+)



There’s this girl that dared me that it’s only mouth I’ve got, that I cannot last longer during Knacking.

If you are an active follower of my contents on Facebook status and NL, you definitely should know that I talk about nyash and bress almost every time. In fact, a day hardly pass by without me talking about anything ‘Knacking’ related.

This girl stays few blocks away from mine (my house) and happens to be on my Facebook contact list too.

As usual, I posted my Knacking thingy, then she replied, “That’s what y’all usually say until it’s time to do d do, 2 seconds everything go con burst.”

Ehn? You def haven’t tried guys like me. Just tell me when and where, lemme comman off your paynt and do you serious Knacking”, I replied jokingly.

So you been wan fuck me before?, She write back.

As bad guy wey I be. I quickly replied: “That’s not even a question. Omo, see nyash nah! Who wouldn’t wanna have that kind nyash on his bed riding on his preek?”

That was how the chat continued and we finally arrived at a conclusion to try ourselves out.

We picked Friday night, reason because where she works she’s only free during the weekend. Like, she works Monday – Friday, then weekend off.

Friday night came and here she comes.

No plenty conversation – no time to dey analyze na, we are here for business. She went to the bathroom, took her shower and so did I.

All the way from there, I pinned her to the wall and the Knacking began…

Just about 10 minutes to the Knacking, it started doing me asif I wan release. Bad guy like me, na like this I wan take end my Knacking career? In the process of trying to put everything together, that was how I remembered the 2020 #EndSARS protest and the heartless speech Buhari delivered. The exact pictures of that prerecorded edited video NTA premiered for us as live on YouTube displayed in my head. Damn! Unprecedented anger unfolded and a newfound strength out of nowhere developed in me. That was how I turned her 360 and started vogging with mad speed.

You probably might have come across that room 306 video, this one was more than that. It was more like room 306 pro max.

30 minutes, 1 hour, I continued strafing nonstop with Omah Lay songs playing in the background.

A few moment later, like a tired jogger, she asked in the lowest tone possible; “You never still cum?“, I said no.

When go con cum? In the next one hour? Two?

“Maybe”, I replied.

With all the remaining strength in her, she pushed me off, got up and shouted, “Oga, Who you wan kill?” “I no tell my mama say na today I wan die o. Abeg e don do.”

Don’t worry, this time I go cum” I said while trying to drag her back to let us continue the Knacking.

“Abeg leave me. Be like you took something?” She asked.

“Nope, took nothing, trust me.” I replied.

Personally, taking things just for nragbu sake has never really been my thing. I prefer doing nragbu with my clear eyes. In fact, I usually rate people that take things before nragbu as people who doesn’t like to take responsibility for their actions.

Normally, some of the programs I run during workout contain steps that helps for nragbu, so I no get wahala.

Sha, that was how she went home. I tried messaging her on messenger to know “what’s up” only to find out that she’s blocked me. Omo!!!😂🤣

And you?

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