2Baba condemns looking down on people because they can’t speak proper English



Legendary Nigerian singer, Innocent “2Face” Idibia, better known as 2Baba, has said he has been guilty of looking down on people who can’t speak correct English

In a tweet he posted on Thursday, February 4, 2Baba said he feels terrible about it.

He said it is bad that some Africans laugh at or look don on their fellow Africans over their inability to speak proper English.

The singer said this during the “one love over religion” and “unwash the brainwash” series on Twitter.

In his words; “Why do we as Africans laugh or look down at us that can’t speak English proper or don’t have the accent? Why do we feel superior because we can speak English with their accent? I have been guilty of this and I feel terrible now. #UNWASHTHEBRAINWASH #ONELOVERELIGION”

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