New Music :SPIZER @ispizer – Ewo ni tie


spizer cover

Sigma Entertainment. His real name is Akinola Oladimeji. He holds two postgraduate
degrees: Chemical Engineering from the Great Ife and Environmental Management from
the King’s College, London and attained specialist status in professional
engineering in both Canada and Nigeria. He has great passion for good music and
makes his own unique brand of music, which is a fusion of contemporary afrobeat,
hiphop and highlife rendered in English, Yoruba, Pidgin and sometimes, Hausa
languages, with African socio-political influences. He currently lives in Calgary,
Canada.In this debut track, Spizer asks his fans a simple question: “Ewo Ni Tie?”,
meaning, ‘Which is Yours?’. Within the social circle in Nigeria, you’ll find mainly
four kinds of guys:Those that know how to get a lady they have interest in and also
knows how to keep them around (Wise Gee); Those that typically melt and develop cold
feet when they meet a lady they are interested in, thus becoming a ‘shy boy’
(Premature); Those whose regular lifestyle is too simplistic than to attract the
interest of the ‘big girl’ they’re interested in (Rightcho); andThose that are
simply not just up to the task of bearing their mind to a lady they’re interested in


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