Help Me! I Am Having Incredible S*x With My Stepmum



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I am having awesome sex with my stepmum. She keeps saying she will leave my dad to be with me. I am a guy of 20 and my stepmum is 32.
She is much younger than my dad. He is 46.
I have been fantasising about her for a while. She is so pretty and has a very curvy, sexy figure.
She’s been married to my dad for five years and they have a three-year-old daughter together. I’ve realised for ages that my stepmum does things around me on purpose so that I notice her.
If my dad is at work she will walk around in just her bra and knickers. She “forgets” to get a clean towel when she is in the shower and then she will ask me to get one for her.
I was babysitting my half-sister while my stepmum and dad went out for a meal to celebrate her birthday but my stepmum came home a couple of hours later. She was alone.
She said she and my dad had had a big row. She’d walked out of the restaurant and got a taxi home. Dad had shouted after her that he’d stay at his mate’s rather than have to talk to her again.
She was crying and very upset. I thought she’d just had too much to drink. We sat on the sofa and I leaned over to give her a hug. We ended up talking for ages. She bent over and kissed me.
I was very shocked but I kissed her back. She then got up and stripped us both off. We ended up having the most amazing sex on the lounge carpet. My dad came back the next day and they patched things up but we are still having sex whenever we get the chance. It’s mind-blowing.
My stepmum keeps saying she will leave Dad and that would be amazing but I am so unsure.
Do I continue with this or should I call it a day?

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