My Wife Blackmailed & Attempted To Kill Me – Engr Anietimfon Ekere (Exxon Mobil Engineer Who was accused of battering his wife with a hammer)



My Wife Blackmailed & Attempted To Kill Me – Engr Anietimfon Ekere (Exxon Mobil Engineer Who was accused of battering his wife with a hammer)


The Exxon Mobil Engineer who was accused of breaking his wife's head with a
hammer in Akwa Ibom has released a press statement in his defense claiming
his wife Blackmailed and attempted to assassinate him. He claims his wife
FAKED photos of an injury on her head just to damage his image on social
media as he points out that a hammer inflicted injury can never be a sharp
cut. More shocking revelations unfold.


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“I met my wife on the 26th of April 1996 as a new intern for preliminary
studies in school of nursing, Anua. She informed me that her Dad had
abandoned them for 18 years while having his life at the United States. She
was convinced that the Dad might have married another woman abandoning her
mother and the children. On hearing this based on the love I had for her, i
picked up her training and footed all her bills till date. I have been able
to add value to her life by making sure that she had her General nursing
and midwifery certification, got her BSC from the University of Calabar and
also her MSC from the University of Nigeria Nsuka. I was also a facilitator
to her present job now as a Lecturer with the Akwa Ibom State Government
teaching at the School of Midwifery, Oron. I have also given her a business
of her own to manage. With all this, the table still turned over towards
her unsatisfied spirit and has finally driven her for the ultimate evil.”

“Sometime in November 2016, i met a man while fixing my car at an
automobile shop; he said his name is Dr Inimfon Anthony, he said he works
for the United Nations. He told me that at Heathrow Airport, United
Kingdom, he mistakenly picked up a luggage belonging to the in-law of the
former secretary general of the United Nations, Kofi Anan and on getting to
his hotel room he discovered a huge sum of money in the luggage. He
immediately called in and returned the luggage and that is how he got a job
with the United Nations. I introduced Dr Inimfon Anthony to my wife and he
promised to help my wife secure a job at the United Nations. I was excited
and happy for my wife. After two days from the initial introduction, my
wife informed me she had to go for the job interview in Abuja that I would
have to pay a return flight ticket and hotel bill for her and Dr Anthony. I
gladly paid the hotel bill and a return flight ticket. When she got there
they took her international passport and demanded for money in order to
process the necessary documents for employment. ”



“ I couldn’t afford the amount Dr Inimfon requested for at the moment,
because I had a lot of bills to settle, due to the accident I had on the
30th of May 2016 which I am still nursing an implant on my right leg , but
my wife didn’t care. She got angry because the money to process her
employment at the U.N was not paid. My wife who is a mother of five stopped
caring and cooking for me and our children for three and a half months and
even went ahead to tell my Mum that if it is not because of God, that she
was angry enough to have killed me while I was sleeping that she does not
have such a mind and that she is asking God to prepare her mind and harden
her heart so as to enable her do what she has to do when she has to do
them. When my mum informed me, I stylishly relocated myself from the master
bedroom to a smaller room in my house by using the excuse that due to my
last year's death experience, i would wish to be having some quiet time
with God . Since I married my wife this is the first time we had to stay in
separate rooms.”

“Because of the pressure I was facing, I was only able to give him part of
the money he requested  for, then  I approached him 'Dr Inimfon' to pay the
balance  on loan that  I would pay back in a few days time, as to enable
for the  process of all the required documents on time. Though he accepted
paying the bills with the condition of having a postdated cheque from me
which I agreed. Dr Inimfon left Akwa Ibom immediately after that agreement
without even informing me and went back to Abuja. When I called him to
enquire if he had paid the money he said he has asked the U.N to stop the

“At this point my wife abandoned her family at home. She started keeping
late nights; on the 2nd of January 2017 she disappeared from my house and
returned home four days later. On asking, my kids told me she went to
Abuja. Before she returned I had sent text messages to Dr Inimfon enquiring
why they had to leave me in the dark to a point that my wife could travel
to meet him without informing me. After her consistent late night keeping
and several warning I decided that henceforth I will lock my gate by 10pm.
On several occasions she slept out when she came back late to find the gate

“On the 25th of March, 2017 she came back home at about 11:30PM, she forced
the gate open in order to gain entrance to the compound. I decided to
confront her, on getting to the masters bedroom she refused to open the
door, i decided to force the door open and I pushed the bed she used to
barricade the door aside.  I found her all dressed up with a jean short and
a t-shirt. ”

*Bedroom Door*
“She violently pushed me on the bed and it got broken. She bit my right
thumb and then she said she was leaving my house for good. She went to the
police station that night to report the case; I was invited the next day by
the police. When I got to the police station I was arrested and bailed the
same day. Since then she has refused to go back to the police station for
the case to commence and further investigations to be conducted.”

*Broken Bed*
“The next event occurred on the 20th of April, 2017 when she came to my
house and picked two of our children in the afternoon. On returning to the
house at about 8PM, i was informed that she came to pick my kids. At
about 10:30pm they didn’t return, i panicked and went out in search of my
children, on getting to the gate, i saw my wife with her sister Mfonobong
Idiong now known as Mrs Mfonobong Ejefor. My aged mum  came down stairs to
get the children and when she tried to do so, my wife's sister Mfonobong
Idiong pushed my Mum down. My mum went to report the case at the police
station and realized that my wife's sister Mfonobong had already gone ahead
to make a report claiming that i assaulted her, demanding for my arrest.
Both cases are still at the police station but presently she has gone into

“While i was waiting for the police to intervene, the worst happened on the
22nd of April, 2017. An assassination attempt was made on my life while
working at an automobile shop along Ikot Ekpene road Uyo, by 11a.m. A
couple of young guys about 6 in number walked into the shop and requested
to see me. I introduced myself to them and one of them said "*why do you
keep battering my cousin and her sister?*" i asked him, who is your cousin?
he replied *"Your wife*". So i invited them into the office at the
automobile shop to address the issue as gentlemen, but suddenly he pounded
on me and at that instance, i held him in defense and i slipped his shirt
off him and his hat fell off.”

“Not knowing that they were some other boys waiting outside and across the
road, they dragged me outside and had a feast of beating on me with wood,
metals and everything they saw around. I knew i couldn’t run due to the
challenge I have on my right leg, the only alternative way to escape was to
get into my vehicle and drive away with it. I managed to get close to the
car but they opened fire twice with the aim of killing me but to Gods glory
one of the bullet went into my rear driver's side car tire and the other
one aimed to my head went into the air. They broke the back wind screen of
my car and the driver's window glass and also maliciously damaged the body
of my car with their weapons.”

*Bullet Hole on Tire*

*Damaged Wind Screen*

*Glass Debris*
“Knowing that the gun shot must have alerted the neighbors, the onlookers
and the police, they decided to run away. I knew if they killed me they
wouldn’t be a successful investigation, but if I can capture one person i
will have evidence of this attack. So i had to take the risk and i used my
vehicle with the broken tire to pursue and corner one of them. Stupidly the
boy I pursued jumped into a fenced compound along Udo Abasi Street off Abak
Road, Uyo. I then raised alarm and he was captured by the on-lookers and
taken to the police station. Until this moment he is still in the police
station, he mentioned a few names and the police is still investigating the

“Right now my life is at risk because they might come back for me. This is
a family matter that should have been handled in a more mature way but my
wife went ahead to *FAKE* pictures of a sharp cut on her head which she
claims was inflicted by me using a hammer. My question is,* can a hammer
cut be that sharp? **Is it possible for her to survive such if it were to
have been, and even walked out of the house on her feet?* And still walk
around the streets. As we speak she is carrying her natural hair with no
cut on her head. She went ahead to blackmail me to destroy my image with
Exxon Mobil and accused me of bribing the Nigerian Police force. This is a
family matter and does not have anything to do with Exxon Mobil and by
culture the company does not tolerate such attitude from its staff. No
staff of Exxon Mobil would do such a thing.”

“*Ntienseobot Anietimfon Ekere*, is currently working for the Akwa Ibom
state government at School of MidWifery, Oron. She is a member of the
Nigerian Nursing Association whose husband has added value until she is now
a fellow of West African  College of Nursing.”



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