Watch: La Flame on his “bad” tweets after slapping a fan – “I got hacked”




Dec 2, 2019

Rapper, La Flame got dragged after slapping a fan while performing, but he’s taken to Twitter to clear the air on everything that occurred even after the ugly incident.

Just after the video of him assualting the fan went viral, many took a jab on him on Twitter. Instead of a calm response from the rapper, he tweeted back at followers with “insultive” words.

Flame revealed that the reason he slapped the fan, was because he poured on him alcohol.

After the many bash between himself and followers on Twitter, the rapper later came out with a video, saying he got hacked.

And he would never insult his followers. Though, he apologized.

“I’m Deeply Sorry To All My Fans And Supporters That Got Affected In This Whole Confusion! Niggaz Is Jus Tryna Break Us Down … We Gotta Keep Strong , The Devil Is Workin Hard Right Now. I Hope Y’all Can Forgive Me,” he tweeted.

Many of the conversations were taken down on Twitter.

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