VIDEO: The Mechnix – Nigeria Of Our Dream | @themechnix


In commemoration of our country’s 55th independence on October 1,
2015. The Mechnix have developed a message of hope, tagged,
“NigeriaOfOurDream”, painting the kind of Nigeria that we desire and
representing the voice of 170million Nigerians.

Nigerians have been beaten and battered by several circumstances and
our daily struggles does not isolate anyone. Our daily struggles and
many sad events has distorted our belief system as a nation, and we
believe every man is an exponent of its thoughts and belief system and
if we must change the actions of a man we must first change his
thought process and belief system.

The purpose of this message is to keep hope alive and restore our
faith in Nigeria even as our country turns 55.

This is just our little token to our nation, “Do not ask what your
country can do for you, but do the little you can for your country”

Nigeria Of Our Dream Video Was Directed by gbwightstudios.

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