Vector Expresses His Frustration With Constant Bomb Attacks and Boko Haram



Vector has had enough of the constant bomb attacks by Boko Haram, and in the wake of the bomb blast that killed over 30 in Yola last night, took to Instagram to air his frustrations. He was clearly pissed off as at some point he urged the military to just “nuke the bastards”. With the way this is going, who wouldn’t be pissed. Read what he said in a long Instagram post BELOW: Menh! The state can’t be this weak. I don’t care what anyone thinks, Some evil will be and are necessary. Nuke these assholes. A group of insurgent men and women cannot hold a whole country to ransom like this. There’s a democratic approach to this which i simply will sate as UTILITARIANISM. Whatever action that will bring happiness to the greater number is JUSTIFIABLE. Normative ethics you crazy government dummies.

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