Solidstar Sets Contract Between Him And Former Label On Fire (Video)



Nigerian singer, Solidstar posted a video on his Instagram page where he can be seen setting the contract agreement he had with his former record label, Achievas Entertainment on fire.

Solidstar parted ways with Achievas Entertainment two years ago with a strained relationship.

The singer who released two albums, ‘One In A Million’ (2010) and ‘W.E.E.D’ (2016) under the record label, Achievas Entertainment left in 2018 after 10 years.

Earlier this year, Solidstar and his former label boss, Paul Cole Chiori (Ossy Achievas), fought dirty on social media. The singer called him out and accused him of always wanting to see him sad.

Ossy Achievas, who also fired back at Solidstar , alleged that he did not generate 10% of the N100m he invested in his career from 2007 to 2017, a claim which the singer denied and said he actually made more than 200 million Naira for the record label.

Since leaving Achievas Entertainment, Solidstar has been operating under his own label, Shaba Entertainment.

Watch video below: