Princess Vitarah Is Back With A New Message For Your Husband



Princess Vitarah burst into the scene with a viral track that had a strong message for the world about Nigerian Pussy. Plus it threw shade at Ghanaian Pussy. If you haven’t watched it yet, then please do yourself a favor and do so. Now that you’r caught up, she’s back with another track with another strong message. This time however, it’s for Nigerian wives. The song is titled, Tell Your Husband. I mean after saying the pussy is the best, she definitely should’ve expected the flood gates to open in terms on curiosity. Tell Your Husband tackles issues of Nigerian married men hitting on girls all over place, and in some instances pretending to be single. In the single she complains about married men hitting her up over snapchat, DMs, and the likes. And she’s sick of it. So stop guys. Stop!

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