New Music: Efa – Obandi Ft. Pelli



Multi-talented performing artiste EFA has released his latest offering, a surefire hit single titled Obandi (aka Ms. Leboku) featuring his long-time COLLABORATOR Pelli. The tune is a salutation to the woman of his dreams; his Obandi. “Obandi, as an idea, has been brewing for a few years. Initially, the plan was to record a festival song for my people for the New Yam Festival called Leboku. However, I guess I cannot but make music for women, even if I tried. So, essentially, the song became a celebration of the love of my life, Ms. Leboku, the African Queen, the most beautiful girl in Nigeria”, he explains. Obandi is a response to the disturbing idea that the Nigerian man is unromantic and uncaring; only getting with women to take advantage of them. While recognizing that there indeed exist a few bad eggs, EFA vehemently disagrees with that school of thought. “This song was made for any man in love with a woman. Obandi is the Lokaa word for “apple of my eye” or sweetheart (and other phrases of endearment) as spoken by the Ugep people of the Yakurr LGA in Cross River State. Call me mushy all you want but I just love the idea of love. And I’m a Nigerian man.”

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