Mr 2kay redefines pop High-life with ‘Belema’ | @mr_2kay



Mr 2kay redefines pop High-life with ‘Belema’ | @mr_2kay

Mr 2kay is back with a new music. The Grafton Records singer has had a
very interesting year. After rapping off visuals from his 2016 EP “Count it
All Joy,” he is looking to move past that project and continue with his
growth in Nigeria’s music space.*

*Since he released his EP, there has been a radical shift in the sounds
dominating the Lagos music culture and seeping into other parts of Africa.
The mid-tempo mellow vibes are in, and they are championed by numerous
stars including Runtown, Tekno, and Davido. These have created a new
structure for creating hits, with vibes and lyrics combining with deft
production to create the ultimate Nigerian pop song of 2017.*

Mr 2kay has had quite some success. Singles ‘Bubugaga’, ‘Ladder’, ‘Bad girl
special’, ‘Moniegram’ and a few others have been underground hits which
have placed him in prime position. And that’s where his new single ‘Belema’
comes in.

Produced by Micon, the song is a jam. Mr 2kay dips comfortably into urban
Highlife, with old traditional melodies that overlap with modern guitars to
provide a record that is captivating. The record draws on a lot of
elements, utilizing syncopation as a tool to change the beat to four
different patterns.

It’s a beautiful production, this one, and Mr 2kay harnesses all of his
powers for this. It’s a mid-tempo song which can coast through you
initially, but eventually grows and envelopes you with its synths, mellow
drum patterns and more. For the dance floor, the relativity of the single
will definitely be a favourite for rotation, and perhaps that is what the
singer went for.

The video by Clarence Peters interprets it, with 2kay throwing himself
stylishly through the motions surrounded by dancers and pretty women. It’s
engaging to watch and beautiful when it flows with the music.

It’s past the mid-point for 2017, and the industry heating up towards the
musical climax that the summer brings. On evidence of ‘Belema’, Mr 2kay
will be right in the mix, staking his own claim with this record.

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