Meet N Flane -New Artist Signed By K -Live Entertainment



K-Live Entertainment’s / High Intellectual Team (H.I.T Promo) Presents Chukwuyem Eric Azzun, A .K. A  Nflane

Chukwuyem Eric Azzun was born in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria to Mr and Mrs Jerry Azzun. Nflane was born Chuckuyem Eric Azzun on the 6th of December 1988 and grew up in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria. Chukwuyem Eric Azzun was from a polygamous family, he was the first son from his mother’s side in the family of six children in a real ghetto area in Saint-saviour Benin city, Edo State Nigeria.

Chukwuyem Eric Azzun who is widely known by his professional name Nflane, attended Franej Primary School Benin City and Queens College Int’l School in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria. He was successful with his College studies and excelled to further his education career in University. Nflane was blessed with his Artistic style of music and became more enthusiastic in life and realizing how he started his musical career by joining the Choir group when he was in primary four (4). He became the leader of the Choir group at the age of sixteen (16), ever since, he took music as his first career and had the enthusiasm to learn from his elder siblings, uncle’s & aunt’s. The development of Chukwuyem Eric Azzun’s unique style called NFLANE is the results of his life – time musical career influences and nature of life, ’that is (Nothing For Love And Nothing Ever) NFLANE.

Nflane has experienced the bad and good side of life in his musical career, having being surrounded by different forms of musical bands, and has a unique talent in trying and accommodating other ethical tribal tune, such as Yoruba tune in his music style when delivering messages. Nflane is talented & a vibrant Artist, song writer, singer, rapper, entertainer and instrumentalist. A Nigerian Hip-Hop Artist who now based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Chukwuyem Eric Azzun, A .K .A Nflane was keen to further his educational studies in South Africa School Of Business Studies, South Africa. His role model is God, his musical powers was developed from his childhood background and love for different native style of music’s and transforming into Afro Hip-Hop. His originality of bands and musical style has brought out the confidence in him.

Nflane has worked with some of the Nigerian Artists, Ghanaian Artists and South Africa Based Arts in his upcoming album said to be released soon. One of his hot club tune that is yet to be released in May 2014 titled ‘’BolojoMaster’’. Nflane has performed in various shows/gigs in Nigeria, Ghana & South Africa; also he is currently working on a new tour to be unveiled soon.

Chukwuyem Eric Azzun, A.K.A Nflane is also working on dropping a new video, two new singles titled ‘’You are my Princess Feat Kuti’’ and another track titled ‘’Ejekajo’’. Watch out for the Remix (Bolojo Master) couple with the first coming album yet to be titled and released soon in U.K, Nigeria, South Africa & the World.

Fans get ready for the tune you all have been calling & waiting   for, Chukwuyem Eric Azzun, A.K.A Nflane (Nothing For Love And Nothing Ever)!!!

(K-Live Entertainment’s / High Intellectual Team Promo).

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