Matricide Issues!! Nigerian Man Beats His Mother To Death In Texas



31 year old Daniel Kadima has been arrested by the police after he called in the police to report the case of a dead body in the apartment. Daniel Kadima is the last child of Hauwa Esther Kadima, 61, who was an accomplished professor of languages, and a published author. The issues surrounding her death happened at her home in Longview, Texas, on 28th of July 2015. The Police found the murder instrument which happened to be a chair coated with blood lying next to her body as at the time the Police got to her apartment. According to autopsy she suffered fractures to her skull with injury of the brain because of direct impact to the head which apparently led to her giving up the ghost. Daniel’s Ex Wife reported to the Police the years of abuse she suffered in his hands, not leaving out the case of his mental illness and this warranted that he was placed under arrest. Daniel is currently in Police Custody for the time investigations are being carried out by the Police.

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