DJ Hacker Jp Pen Open Letter To DJ Jimmy Jatt and All Nigerian DJs


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Naija DJs is an elite coalition of the hottest Nigerian DJs around the world. There
is just one reason why the Naija DJs was created, Please can anyone give me a reason
why The National Executives of the DJs

Association of Nigeria (DJAN) was created? When we are all giving what it takes to
our so called business and all we got is nothing in return. DJ is not just anyhow
work, Gone are those days when you have to carry CD

Bag all around because you want to play in a Show, What Legacy are we leaving behind
for up-coming DJs?

I follow social media a lot, where i found out the twitter handle for Nigerian DJs
is @NigerianDJs & maybe other is @9jadjpool , They don’t help Up-coming DJs and
they also promote few of Nigerian DJs, even those who

do Online Mixtape, We all forget ‘an injury to one is injury to all’. We want to
leave a legacy that builds upon why (DJAN) was created, It’s more important to be
part of a process by supporting (DJAN) in all aspect.

Why Nigerian Awards are not including Nigeria DJs & DJ Songs?

in 2007 NEA Awards include only 1 DJ category (Battle of U.S. Based DJS) and the
Winner is – DJ Zimo. in 2008 NEA Awards change the category to (Best World DJ) and
the Winner is DJ Humility. in 2009 NEA Awards

Best world DJ goes to DJ Neptune. in 2010 NEA Awards Best world DJ goes to DJ
Xclusive. in 2011 NEA Awards Best world DJ goes to DJ Obi. in 2012 NEA Awards Best
world DJ goes to DJ Jimmy Jat. in 2013 NEA

Awards Best world DJ goes to DJ Bayo. in 2014 NEA Awards Best world DJ goes to DJ
Spinall. in 2015 NEA Awards created 2 categories for DJs, Male & Female. DJ
Kaywise and DJ Cuppy bag those one. I think we don’t

have female DJs in Nigeria before 2015. more categories for DJ was created last
year, “Disk Jockey Collaboration of the Year.” “Disk Jockey of the Year (Male)”.
“Disk Jockey of the Year (Female)” and “Disk Jockey of the

Year (Non-Nigerian)” on NEA Awards. Nothing like DJ Awards on Headies and other
Awards in Nigeria.

Nigeria is blessed with so much talent and being a DJ is one of them, DJs are tick
in the Nigerian Entertainment industry today and DJs who are influential should set
the pace for others to follow in Nigeria today. One

cannot talk about being a DJ in Nigeria today without using DJ Jimmy Jatt as the
reference point and as a godfather in the business also a President of (DJAN), You
need to see how hard Nigeria DJs are working day in,

day out, Mixtape here and there, all they got is nothing, When DJs can’t show
themselves Love, respect should not be expected from Artists.

Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish every
moment, because it will never come again, All we need is CHANGE.

How many DJs in Nigeria getting paid like Nigerian Artists?, and Without DJs Let us
strive to leave this type of legacy before we leave this earth, The gift you leave
behind will surely becomes the birthright of your

people. Legacies are not the result of wishful thinking, they are the results of
determined doing. “The legacy you leave is the life you lead and the actions you
take – they are what tell your story”

I Urge DJ Jimmy Jat, DJ Humility, DJ Neptune, DJ Sose, DJ Wal, DJ DeeMoney, DJ Snoop
D Damaja, DJ 3k, DJ ECool, DJ Spinall, DJ Enimoney, DJ Baddo, and other Nigerian DJs
to leave up-coming DJs a legacy of love and

respect. Today’s footprint is tomorrow’s LEGACY.

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