Azadus Laments High Cost Of Promoting Music In Nigeria



The Nigerian economy is hitting hard on everyone and veteran musician, Olalekan Fadeyi popularly known as Azadus has lamented as well. See Me See Trouble singer has lamented that the difficulty in promoting music in Nigeria as radio stations and publicists demand exorbitant fees for promotion. In a recent outburst, Azadus made it clear that going to the studio to mix a song does not actually count anymore as the hard work remains promotion. “Most times its not all about getting into the studio and coming out with a track, it goes far beyond that, right now, radio stations or publicist, the people that would make your music popular would ask for crazy amount of money from you, and that does not tell you your music would become a hit.” Azadus further stated that this discourages younger talents as it becomes more difficult for promote songs in Nigeria today.

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