11 tips for HOT! Valentine of sex, love… on low budget



It’s Valentine again… are you excited?
Some dudes are at this moment wondering how to make the Valentine a memorable one and still keep their bank accounts in the safe zone.
Well, Wha’anda, like always, has your back.
In this article, you’ll get 9 tips to spend quality time with your special one, rekindle the flame of your love and be happy…
The catch is, you’ll spend far, far less than you imagine:
Mess up the kitchen together. This can really be fun. Both of you should get a cookbook and try to cook a dish you’ve never eaten or attempted. It could be your place or her place, but make sure you mess the kitchen up and get the food cooked… and eaten.
Play the ‘answer-correct-or-get-nude’ game. Here one of you asks a question which the other must answer correctly or lose some clothing. In no time, you both will be naked and get some kinky time.
Cross dress and dare. This one is fun. You dress up in each other’s clothes for fun. To spice it up, you can ask your lover to go and buy something for you from a shop wearing your clothes. It’s a dare. The guy wears a dress to the supermarket to buy something trivial, say a condom.
Strip and give each other a lap dance. Simulate a strip club where one of you will dance to romantic slow song, strip and give a dirty lap dance. It will be fun to add some money, stuck money in his/her pants/boxers. It will be fun.
Watch, act (and record) porn. Why not get some nasty ideas from a sex-filled movie? The Fifty Shades of Grey, Spartacus or hard-core porn is not a bad idea.
Have a joint shower session together. A time out in the shower can be a very good thing. Scrub each other in turns and make sure there is a lot of water.
Shave the ‘P’ and ‘V’ zones for each other. A day like this, you guys can shave the pubic region for each other. You shave/trim his penis and he does same for your vagina.
Give him/her oral. Try oral. Yes, this is the period when you should give your lover the maximum sexual experience by going oral. If you are novice, then you should read ‘5 Ways To Boost Your Se(X)perience With Your Tongue’.
Make the bedroom action a novel experience. This Valentine is a time to spice up your sex experience with new sex positions that will get things hot again. Here are ’14 sex positions you should try …orgasms guaranteed!’
Visit the poolside or beach. Towards the evening, if you both are not exhausted, a visit to the beach will not hurt. In fact, it would be nice to feel the evening breeze. If you can afford some snack, share one and a heady drink.
Visit a photo studio and take a lovey-dovey picture. This may cost a little, but you will both love it. Go to a photo studio, take nice pictures and frame one for both of you to hand in your house(s). It is very romantic.
Trust Wha’anda, your Valentine, which fortunately falls on a weekend, can be the best ever for you both.
Just try to complete these 9 steps and be prepared for an explosion of love, sex and orgasms.
By Monday, you’ll have enough left in your bank account!

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